Welcome to Photo-Sam

"Its an illusion that photos are made with the camera...they are made with the eye, heart and head" - Henri Cartier-Bresson

Sam loves Horses

Since I can remember I am bonded to these strong and gently animals. As a little girl I already spend every free minute in the stable and still today horses play a big part of my daily life. I have a deep connection with my two soulhorses Perseus and Hemingway and try to transport these connection of a horse and its owner through my photography. I want to portrait the horse in way that shows his character in a natural and fenceless environment. Because a horse means freedom for us and our hearts. 

Sam adores Dogs

I met and photographed many dogs in my last years as a photographer and one thing its for sure: every dog as a pure and inimitable character. It so much fun to photograph these fast and energetic animals with the heart at the right place and a whole world reflecting in their eyes. 

Sam meets couples

Wedding-Photography became a big part of my life. Its the unique atmosphere that makes you addicted to these special days, where love is in the air and everyone around you has a nice and happy mood. I love to catch these moments as natural as possible and collect beautiful memories of your wedding-day. On my Wedding-Page you can find some selected couple portraits, to get an idea about my work. Feel free to contact me for further informations and prices for a bespoke wedding photo shooting.