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Greetings and a warm welcome to my website!

So you are here because you are interested in getting some special pictures of either yourself, your wedding, your horses or your dogs and I would be very happy to help you. Firstly, I should introduce myself… I am Sam, and I live in a beautiful village called Brigstock in the heart of the Midlands countryside with my partner, our two cats, Neo and Trinity, and on the picture above you see my soul horse, Perseus. Since last year also Hemingway, my little Shetlandpony is on my side and will become a professional photo model one day. Ok, we are still working on it...with lots of carrots

You may wonder where all the snow on my photographs comes from… From Austria – my birth country. I moved to the UK in May 2018, swapping the snowy Austrian mountains for the soft green English hills and woodland. 


I started to work as a photographer at the age of 19, initially learning the old analogue style working for a local newspaper in Salzburg before moving to Germany. Living in Munich and Stuttgart during my Bachelor’s study of Communication Science, I photographed just as a side job, specialising in horses and dogs. After completing my Master’s degree in 2007 I returned to work in Austria for a photo agency. Press and Event photography was my daily business, but I also started to work for local horse breeders to portrait their foals. Recognizing that press photography was not my passion, I started to focus more on portraits and realised that both animals, and people – especially couple portrait – was the photography I wanted to pursue. Since 2009 I run my own business as an international wedding photographer and one of the best known equine photographers in Austria. 


Through my job as a photographer I have been able to work all over the world, meeting wonderful people, couples and beautiful animals. Capturing the energy between two people with my camera is an amazing experience and a privilege. I love to be at weddings to help create unique memories of two people, their love, and their loved ones. You may see in my couple portraits; the couples are acting naturally, just focusing on each other, and with an intimacy appropriate to themselves… This is what creates the magic moment of a quality photo and I try to facilitate this through a bespoke and sensitive approach in my work. 

For me, photography is infinitely more than just pressing a button on a camera; it is like painting with light and shadow, adapting to changing environments and conditions, listening to and feeling the energy of my clients, and catching unique emotional moments.


On my travel page you will find my tour-dates, but please don’t hesitate to ask for an individual date for your photo shoot. I am looking forward to portrait you! 







Sam´s Hemingway

Sam´s Perseus

Sam´s Neo

"Photography starts with the projection of the photographer, his understanding of life and himself into the picture" - Lisette Model

Mag. Samantha Gostner

Hoof & Paw Photographer 

Based in Northamptonshire / UK


Also available for Photoshootings in Austria and Germany

mobil UK: +44 / 7365 440 370



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