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All images on this website are the property of Samantha Gostner. Use without written permission is subject to a fine. I am sorry that this is required, but it is my business. Thank you for your understanding!


If you contact me just to note that in accordance with the GDPR any personal information (including email address, contact details, name, phone number...) are treated with absolute respect and privacy and will never be given to third parties. All informations held about you is available for you to see at any time, by request and ist held upon a secure computer system, and will be hold there just as long as it is needed for our business-contact and for the tax-invoice documentation.

The images wich I made of you are kept save on encrypted drives and not on my computer. I am the only person who will edit them and will treat them with high respect. As a service for you I will keep the photographs on my encrypted devices for as long as you want me to, that in the case if you loose your photographs you can always get them again from me. If you do. not like this service just contact me and I will delete your pictures immediately. 

I just use photographs on my website in agreement with the people on them. If you require an image of you to be removed form my website, notify me via email or phone (above) as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions relating to your information, please feel free to contact me for further information. 





Mag. Samantha Gostner

Hoof & Paw Photographer 

Based in Northamptonshire / UK


Also available for Photoshootings in Austria and Germany

mobil UK: +44 / 7365 440 370



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